Thank you to Forum Member JustTVH -- GPS Tracking for Vehicles

Was getting a GPS tracker installed on a vehicle and when asked by an employee what my e-mail address is, I was asked "Are you TGunn from the FS Forum?"

Of course I expected to be charge double at that point. . .but Travis over at Wilson/Tintmaster really helped me out for being on FS.

I'm sure you're all familiar with the recent truck/boat thefts and break-ins that seem to be a weekly topic on here. I lost a vehicle and Travis/"JustTVH" on the Forum really did a bang-up job with helping me not lose another one. I prefer not to go into too many details about what the unit is capable of, but if you're interested shoot me a PM or give Travis a call. He didn't solicit this post; I thought he deserved it for being the type of service provider that we all wish there were more of----competent, polite, professional, and honest.

1880 NW 54th Avenue
Margate, Florida 33063
(954) 445-8642


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