Off Cudjoe - a couple of Mahi on 11-24

Daughter 1 and husband were here from Salt Lake City for Thanksgiving. We got out on Tuesday (11/20) in the gray and windy, bounced out to 400 feet and back into the reef without a knockdown. Headed into the north side of Hawk Channel for the calm water and trolled Stretches for Grouper. Caught 4 but all were 18” or so. Disappointing but at least we bent a rod on an otherwise cold bleak day.

They left Friday and Susan and I headed out Saturday. It was a beautiful sunny day but by the time you got to 400 feet the North wind made it pretty sporty. We hung around that depth, stumbled onto a Frigate and Gannet working Dolphin and after two tries got our baits into the right area and hooked a pair of small schoolies. Nothing followed them in, the birds and school disappeared and that was it for us out there.


We worked our way back in, trolled the reef line for a while then tried again for grouper on the patches without any luck. FYI, boats working the reef for Sails between American Shoals and G marker off Big Pine were not finding them.

‘Phins caught in 380/400 feet, lightly scattered weeds, 81.3 water temp. Blue/White Mini Turbo Slammer and pink CH RattleJet. Bait was ignored.

Dinner was excellent!

Capt. Tom Urban, "urbanRenewal", Cudjoe Key, FL


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