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Triple Tail are out there. Vol 2

Hey yal, I said if I had any decent catches/info I would report my day today...

I got off work at 8am this morn, ran home and cranked motor and rigged a few rods. Met my dad, bro in law, and long time fishing bud Dave at my place. They were all on time! Plus my Bro in law lives in Manatee coutny, so he could buy beer before noon. haha.

Got on the water little before 10, stopped on a flat with small white bait everywhere. I remembered the 1/4" net this time, so got bunch small whitebaits. Would have been a waist with a larger mesh net. Stopped and got 4 doz shrimp at newpass, and headed north. Saw 6-8 other boats running traps, so tried to figure out which traps hopefully didnt get run on yet. Found what looked like a long strech of orange buoys in 23-26ft range. Right away saw one decent fish, nothing huge but def big enough to put on ice. Dave threw freelined shrimp, and pulled the shrimp out of the trips mouth to early. My dad followed behind him w a popping cork, had it hooked up for a short time and hook pulled. Ran a ways north without seeing much, a few small ones that we caught in the 12-14" range. Wind picked up out of the north/northwest, much more than NOAA predicted at 5-7mph (unless I read it wrong).

So I decided to try some traps out in the 30ft range and heading south w the wind. Ran into the ones you see in the pictures. First one I saw is the largest that I caught, just shy of 8lb. Dave shortly after got a 6lb that had another with it on the same trap of similar size, didnt get him tho. Got a few more small ones before my bro Mic got his smaller 17". I did see one quite a bit larger than the one I landed, guessing 10-12lb. Threw a shrimp on a cork, he came off the buoy and followed it for seemed like forever. Didnt eat it. Next time I see a large one I will have another rod with a whitebait or small pin incase the shrimp doesnt do it.

Summary: Saw about 10 fish total, had to cover alot of traps to do so. But for a late start on a Sunday, especially after Thanksgiving guess that isnt bad. I never ran inside 22' or outside 32' while cruising traps. Only threw shrimp, even tho im kicking myself by not having someone follow up with a different bait on the one biggin we saw. Freeline and popping cork worked equally well. Only advantage w the cork was casting with the wind.

PS: Ran over top two cobia that were cruising, somehow didnt see them till we were on top of them.... Also near big pass another tower boat decided to cruise infront of me by two traps and take my line. I wasnt stopped, and I wasnt cruising slow. I wouldnt do that to anyone but kept my cool, and moved a couple lines deeper. THANKS DUDE, that is when we got daves nice fish, wouldnt have found it unless you cut me off. #Karma.

Hope the report helps yal, forgive my grammar and spelling.




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