CR 11/25/2012

I was so jacked after the Gator game that I couldn't sleep all night, so I decided to catch the first part of the incoming tide for some reds. Went outside at 5AM to get the boat hitched up and was greeted with an icy deck - usually not a good sign for early morning fishing . Hit the water by 7am and tried to grab a trout or two in a deeper cut but nothing. As soon as the tide started to come in I spotted a school of reds chasing bait behind an oyster bar adjacent to a deep cut. I dropped the power pole and pitched Mirrodines at them. They were either missing the lure or trying to run it off, so I couldn't get a hook up. I switched to gulp shrimp, rigged Texas-style (& backwards like a shrimp swims) and caught three, sub-slot fish. Did a decent job locating the fish and getting close, but I lost about 6 rigs to the oyster bar. Anyway only messed with them for twenty minutes or so and had to run. The gulps were new penny. Here's the only picture I could manage.



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