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Flamingo Report 11/24

Headed out late to catch High Tide yesterday. Went to a spot out front fished a few minutes but had some guide run up on us and came extremely close of where I was fishing. Decided I'd move but I did see him pull out a nice keeper red though before I left.

Moved on to East Cape and fished a few of the creeks in there and we pulled out a red, a nice trout and some other garbage fish. Made my way back East and fished some areas that looked good. Sure enough not 10 minutes later we boated a few reds. We worked the area for a little while later and managed a couple more reds and a black drum. My buddy hooked up a good size red but lost it by the boat. Unfortunately none of the rest of the fish had any size to them. They were all between 14-20". Total for the day was 6 Redfish, 1 Black Drum, and 1 Trout.

Still had a great time out on the water and kept the rod bent. Oh ya, it was my buddys first trip to Flamingo and caught his first ever redfish. I think its safe to say he is hooked!



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