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OBS Nov 23, 2012 report

I can't believe it it has been almost 2 weeks since my last report! After so many persistent windy/cold days, today was a great day to to get my fix :). High tide was at 4PM and I was ready to cast at 2PM. Almost non existent wind and no weeds even though the surf was a bit rough, nothing a 6oz sinker couldn't handle though. Besides my usual surf rods I brought along a 8' inshore rod I had bought just a couple of days ago at Walmart (sorry Walmart haters :) for $30 including a Daiwa reel! The plan was to use this rod for some pompano jigging knowing beforehand that's not my kind of fishing since it requires too much work, lol. Anyway, after giving it a try for three and half minutes I was done with jigging and just switched to a pompano rig with a 4oz sputnik on it. Little did I know that this little rod would end up catching 70% of all the fish caught today including the biggest, a 4lbs black drum. With the exception of a 15" trout, my first one ever, caught by the 15' rod, all the fish were really close in the first trough. The action started 40min before high tide and it was non stop action until 4:30PM. I ended up with a total of 10 fish:

1 Black drum

1 Trout

8 Whiting

No pompano whatsoever and I didn't even bother looking for sand fleas. I just used my trusted fishbites.

It felt good to be back on the surf but I'm definitely going to buy a pair of waders next time, water felt very cold to me.


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