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Trying to avoid the wind

Headed out this morning around 0930 with a good friend of mine and fellow capt. looking for the allusive tripletail. After venturing off the beaches we figured out it was too windy and the water that was hitting us over the sides was just too **** cold!! Long story short, the tripletail trip was cut short, and we fell back on what we do best...catch redfish in the shallows. After running around some of the local keys, dodging the wind and the low tide that was even too shallow at times for my ranger flats boat..we found some very large mullet schools that we figured would be holding some reds. Capt. Kevin hooked up this nice 24 inch red on cut ladyfish thrown right in the mullet schools. Hit a few more spots and made it back in around 1300. Not a bad day...just gonna have to get more used to these high winds, cold weather, and lowtides all over again...


  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,946 Admiral
    Nice report and Red AJ :beer Hows the fishing been down there since I left?? We are going out Friday
  • InshoreSlamInshoreSlam Posts: 111 Officer
    Thanks buddy. Fishin has been good. Yesterday was my first day out in a couple weeks...seemed like the good weather was happening on the days I had to work and the days I was off it was terrible. It was nice to just get out there though. Hoping to do alot in the next week. How is it up there? I might be coming up there in december to visit the uncle (snookspanker), hopefully he will put me on some fish haha...
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