Need a REC for a good bathroom renovation company-Upper Keys

I followed the Home Inspector (David Engel.... a great guy.... very thorough and he was Rec'd to me in this Section!) around a fixer-upper that we are buying in Key Largo and found that the original 1980 Master Bath toilet is completely gone. So is the vanity, the ugly brown tile, the endless mirrors..... yuk! So, we decided that if we "have" to replace the toilet, we might as well do the entire bathroom and just get it over with since it was going to happen eventually.

We just did this exact project in our Lauderdale home and we want to just hire a contractor that does good work on bathroom renovations. Don't want to piece it all out.

So, can anyone Rec a good, honest contactor/company that does really nice work in the Upper Keys?

Thanks in advance!


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