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NOW is the time to get a great deal on any boat service!

This was a great year for most of us in the marine industry, up untill now. I got busier than I could handle, often backed up three weeks. I keep close tabs with quite a few others in the industry, and have noticed over the years how it comes and goes for all of us, at nearly the same exact times.

Usually, we get slack right about when the kiddies go back to school. This year, we all stayed busy through that, as the weather was exceptional, which surely helps to keep us busy. It seems that 90% of folks only get thier boats serviced during the time they want to be using the boat, rather than getting projects done during the winter or other down time. Well, after several weeks in a row of crappy weather, I think most folks have hung thier boat keys up for the winter. From mechanics, to fiberglass guys, welders, etc, my friends are all saying, the phones have died! My phone has gone from ringing constantly, to dead silent for days, pretty scary stuff! For the first time this year, I have no backlog and can most likely take care of you immediatly.

So my point is, from now untill spring is your oppurtunity to get the fastest service, and best deals from any of your local marine guys! If there is something you've been wanting to tackle, now is the time for negotiations, to get a super deal! Please support your local marine guy this winter! Many of the smarter, more experianced salts already know this, but I think most folks miss the fact that winter is THE time to get a steal in the marine industry!

We will be twittling our thumbs during the next few weeks untill christmas..... and it will probably remain slow untill the first signs of spring roll in. Then spring becomes the busiest time of the year. Use this time to your advantage!
Tony Eden-
Certified, licsensed and insured, Marine Electronics and rigging master, and "Dream boat" build winner with 20 years of professional experience.
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