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Ormond-by-the-Sea report, Friday Nov 9

High tide was at 3:30PM today and I managed to start fishing at 1:30PM since I work half a day on Fridays.
I had the same setup as last time, 4 rods with pompano rigs and one rod for bluefish.
I caught the first whiting around 3PM and then it was nonstop action as I switched from clam fishbites to shrimp flavor ones.
I caught 7 decent size whitings in one hours and then after 4PM it died.

The bluefish rod didn't have a single hit so I switched it to a pompano rig and caught whiting with it.
What it was interesting was the fact that all the fish were caught in one particular spot.
I generally space my rods about 20 ft a part and even more when it's not crowded like today.
There must have been a hole in that location to attract all the fish. That's why it's important to scout around I guess.

Water clarity was OK, no weeds and 67F. No pompano for me toady and the guy fishing 100 yards down from me told me he lost a redfish right at the shoreline.
That's why it's important to time the last cranks with an incoming wave. The voice inside me wanted me to make this comment but in the end I kept my mouth shut because that fisherman was almost twice as old as me so who am I to give him advice.

Anyway, he was catching whiting as well. The fishing report on the local news paper today mentioned big pompanos caught near the 3 major piers in the area so I might try that this weekend. I'm itching for a decent size pompano :).



  • greenie-slayergreenie-slayer Posts: 850 Officer
    How do you fish the fishbites. I got a couple bags of shrimp ones but i have never used it.
  • pompanohunterpompanohunter Posts: 48 Deckhand
    I cut them in 1" strips and thread it twice over the hook. It will stay secure no matter how rough the water might be. No need to check compulsively every 5 minutes to see if your bait is still on. Just a word of advice, don't let the fishbites bag in the garage during the summer or it will degrade. Although, I was still able to catch a nice size redfish (see my other report) with a discolored crab fishbite.
  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,667 Captain
    Nice job on the Whiting. I'll have to get some Fishbites and give it a try.
  • NSBAnglerNSBAngler Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    I tried fishbites for the first time last weekend. I was amazed that the bite was about as good as the fresh clams I had (I bought clam fishbites - need to try the shrimp ones as well). They stayed on in that pounding surf.

    I also use those tiny hair bands - the real small clear plastic ones to strap bait on the hook. Once you thread the chunk of clam on the hook, then use the band to hold it on. I'm amazed at how long I keep fresh bait on that way.
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