Awesome Tripletail

The tripletail fishing this past week has been phenomenal !! I have fished in SW Florida for a long time and this is the best season, by far. The Trips have been holding on the deeper (30ft plus) trap balls. Today, we caught 18 and saw well over 30 fish, with some trap balls holding multiple fish. If they weren't bigger ones, we did not even turn around on them. Some have been pushing the 10 lb mark over the past 7 days or so.

Live shrimp have been the ticket, although we have caught many on DOAs.


  • NailerNailer Posts: 298 Deckhand
    Very cool, thanks for sharing.
  • perlman1234perlman1234 Posts: 1,449 Officer
    Man I really need to get out there. I have not seen this many reports on triple tail ever. Great job
  • PONCEPONCE Posts: 5,943 Officer
    Nice trips duder :hail
  • nuclearfishnnuclearfishn Posts: 8,353 Admiral
    I have not seen any trips down here for some time. Lord knows we have enough crab traps. Are you cruising the traps at a good speed then going back to one when you see one, or are you sending baits down on some traps even if you don't see one?
  • IshIsh Posts: 797 Officer
    Awesome work , I saw a little guy on sat but not big enough ...
  • RMDRMD Posts: 1,796 Officer
    I've been fishing with Kevin when we were cruising about 40MPH. He yells "stop the boat, I saw a triple tail". Of course I thought he was FOS because we were going so fast. Nonetheless, I circled back around hard like I was on an episode of Miami Vice. Sure enough, he lobbed a shrimp to the buoy handed me the rod, and said "reel in your fish". I still didn't even see the fish at this point... but it was hooked and we brought him into the boat. Legendary.
  • sk018sk018 Posts: 2,830 Captain
    Yep, don't have to slow down unless you see one. if you see one, and he wont eat, or goes down, he will come back.
  • Kill N TimeKill N Time Posts: 467 Deckhand
    Nice work right there! Are you putting the shrimp under a cork or do you just free line them?
  • former bluefishinnyformer bluefishinny Posts: 1,473 Officer
    very cool! Thanks for sharing
  • fieromanfieroman Posts: 230 Officer
    i have been wanting to catch one out of my canoe just to say i have but haven't gotten one in yet. the last one i had on was a monster of a trip but the grey tax man wanted it more then me:banghead. hopefully this season i will get one into the canoe.
  • jbsrqjbsrq Posts: 207 Deckhand
    One of the absolute best eating fish in the gulf! Glad to hear the action has been good.
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