Spearfishing Videos !!!

I never was able to post videos on the old forum so ive got a bunch of spearfishing videos and my own chanel mrchiefland on youtube. Let me know what you think of the videos. You can check out all my videos once you click on the link.




  • king fisherking fisher Posts: 27 Greenhorn
    Great video!!!

    That was one huge school of dolphin....what size were the dolphin you speared?
  • JoeBCJoeBC Posts: 608 Officer
    Nice shooting!
  • TeanmTzHerTeanmTzHer Posts: 100 Officer
    Nice job on the videos. What program do you use to edit them?
    If you aint fishin you aint Livin!
  • Lucky7Team2Lucky7Team2 Posts: 6,794 Officer
    I did that once. Dropped in on a school in 1500 ft of water that had stopped biting. Just happened to have my gun n snokel gear. It is one eerie feeling floating in the abyss. No bottom, nada. We were by a floating drum and all the baitfish started to circle me. Felt like I was now on the menu. Shot a couple of gaffers which was cool. Wnated to do it again but either haven't had my gear when we hit a school or had my gear and found no phins...That's the way it goes...
  • CaneDiver65CaneDiver65 Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    The dolphin we speared werent that big. Im still waiting for my big bull
  • CaneDiver65CaneDiver65 Posts: 21 Greenhorn
    The editing program i used is just the windows movie maker that came with the computer. Gets the job done.
  • Spearo20Spearo20 Posts: 10 Greenhorn
    Love the videos! I see that some of you guys are shooting biller's and others are shooting riffes.
    What do you prefer?
  • ship facedship faced Posts: 43 Deckhand
    cool videos , what kind of camera are you using ?
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