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10-27 Wind is blowing 20-30 but that didn't stop us!

Had an urge to get out! Found the best place to launch and tried to make it work. Netted about 10 smaller mullet and headed for the least windy place we could find. I started out throwing a jig and wading out of the boat. Caught 2 reds pretty quick 1 like 15inch and another 18-19inch. Then we made a move about 1/2 mile away. Then started fishing cut mullet near the old p plant. Mike had the hot hand catching 2 very respectable 26 inchers. One swallowed it so we threw him in the cooler. Then I catch a nice 20 inch and release him. Made one more closer to the ramp and I threw out a nice mullet head not 5 seconds in the water I get slammed! After getting an awesome fight from a nice 24-25inch I release and we get out of dodge before the tide gets to low to get back to the ramp. Not to bad for 20-30mph winds! :willynilly:willynilly:hail:hail Didn't take alot of pics cause it was so windy so I just used my phone.


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