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Egret 189 owners near Greenwood, SC

kerleekerlee Posts: 74 Deckhand
. Most Egrets are in Florida and the factory is a 6 hour drive? I know there are two in Charleston for sale, about a 3.5 hour drive for me, just wondering if there were any located any closer to Greenwood, SC that the owner wouldn't mind me taking a look at?



  • Renagade69Renagade69 Posts: 1,234 Officer
    If no one answers you here then facebook would be an option for you to ask.

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  • kerleekerlee Posts: 74 Deckhand
    Thanks, good idea
  • Carolina FlyCarolina Fly Posts: 71 Deckhand
    I have a 167 about 3 hours away from you but if you want to see a 189 I would head to Charleston, especially if you want to sea trial one. You could call Frank and ask if he knows anyone with one closer that would be willing to give you a demo. PM me if you want to look at mine.
  • 91tiger91tiger Posts: 555 Officer
    I have an Egret 189 that I just built in September...you can see some of my build pics on this board. I live in Winston Salem NC which would also be about 3 hours away from you. I am originally from Greenville, SC (45 minutes from you) and my whole family is still there so I'm down that way a fair amount. I don't bring the boat down there very often because my Dad has a 22' Pathfinder sitting ready to go in Greenville. When I get to my 20 hour service interval I am considering having the guy I have used for years down in Greenville do the work. I have a guy here in Winston that will come to my house and do it but he has been bad about not showing up when he says he will.

    I'm at 16 hours now. If I can get close to 20 hours before Christmas, I will probably pull the boat down to Greenville for Christmas week to get the service done and do some jigging for the stripers/hybrids on Hartwell or Clarks Hill. Let me know if you are interested in checking it out if I'm down there with it.
  • kerleekerlee Posts: 74 Deckhand
    Appreciate the offers from Carolina Fly and 91 tiger. PM sent to 91 Tiger.
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