Avet sx 2 speed

What do you guys think for jigging/trolling ? Quality/reliability wise can it stand the beating of salt water ? Anyone who use this reel for kayak fishing.


  • CookinmanCookinman Posts: 880 Officer

    ChrisM uses one and loves it - I personally thinking having to lay line on a conventional is a PIA while jigging on a yak and for what we are jigging for you can handle anything w a mid quality spinner....

    That being said the avet will do fine if you prefer conventional. Though Id likely grab a Penn Torque before an Avet ( Ive seen a couple avets blow up under stress, albeit they were older models ) Many ppls fish em and like em.....

    Though ALL the big tuna guys will tell you that a 4:1 w more torque is preferred to a higher speed reel w less torque, bear in mind, we are not fighting 100# + tuna here and a 50-75# amberjack is a beast for these parts.... so again, personally I favor a faster retrieve - simply because I have to work it less....and anything past 30# of drag is lost on a yak anyway - youll likely not put more than 20# max on during the fight except on rare occasions....

    Cost is also a factor as everything you use on a yak, gear wise, will age in dog years....and there is always the risk of loosing it over the side ( lol this comes from a guy who jigged w a JM PE4 for a couple years on the yak....lol SMH )

    Others may feel differently and will chime in....Short answer is yes, the avet is a decent reel and will handle the job nicely.
  • FLATS BROKEFLATS BROKE Posts: 2,060 Captain
    All my live bait reels are Avet LXs. Very solid reel. I love them. As for jigging, I can't offer advice.
  • irishff727irishff727 Posts: 948 Officer
    As for being reliable they are, any reel can blow up, Penn, shimano, daiwa ect. If you take care of it and rinse it after your day if fishing you will be fine. Mine is going on 5 years, just rinse after each trip and tear down once a year and she is still as smooth as the day I got her, as for jigging the first poster was correct that a nice med to heavy reel is more suitable for easy of retrieve. But to each his own.

    really? really?
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  • r00kieAnglerr00kieAngler Posts: 258 Deckhand
    thanks for the input guys. I've come across old threads and it seems people have been leaning more on spinners. The 2 notable ones are the Shimano saragosa or penn conquer.
  • bnzbnz Posts: 183 Deckhand
    I've picked up a couple of old Accurate Boss 197's off ebay for around $200 and they are becoming my favorite offshore kayak reels. They are narrow enough that you can jig with them without worrying about line lay and their drags are more than you'll ever need from the yak. Much better reels than the Avets too. :)
  • r00kieAnglerr00kieAngler Posts: 258 Deckhand
    I'll look in to it. thanks
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