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Larry418Larry418 Posts: 82 Deckhand
Got the 189 Egret (Renegade's beat up old tub) on the water for the first time yesterday. I put in and ran around the ICW near Fort Lauderdale. Didn't get a chance to put it thru it's paces , but I did have it in the slop at Port Everglades. The boat had nice soft reaction to the chop and large wakes in the area. It certainly got up very well with the 150 ho rude. It is as quiet as the Yamaha 90 I had on my old boat. Not sure if the vibration at low speed is characteristic of this motor. I did trim it up slightly and that was a bit better.

The 'Anchor' feature on the I-pilot troller is incredible, I can think of a few places in Whitewater Bay where I'll have great use for it. The remote feature .....well, now I don't have an excuse for not sharing the front deck with my wife .

The boat loaded nicely on the ez loader. I have read a few of the threads on this forum, and agree with some that a trailer that allows a lower seat would be nice.

Regarding the Rejex that was used on the deck.....I didn't notice any slip and the water ran off a deck when I washed it like it does on the proverbial ducks back.

I couldn't resist taking a rod and consequently the my first fish on this rig was a Jack ....hopefully this will not be a sign of things to come.

I am thinking of adding a forward flush mount rod holder . Any suggestions? It will have to drain somewhere.
If I experience with this boat is half as good as the posts from current owners i have read I will be a happy man.


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