My 24 Year Old Son Has Hypogonadisim.(Low Testosterone) May Want To Read This......



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    Lol........the bots are watching you.

    Ageless Male is a legit product ($40 a month), however it is nothing more than Fenugreek and a parts of a multi vitamin. Fenugreek 200 count is available at GNC (and every other supplement store) for $15. Supplement your multivitamin and there you go.
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    Ball reduction surgery packaged it with a scrotelift would be a big seller in most of FL.
    I have never seen live bones, but I know that they are often used by rich people to decorate the interior.
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    I don't know what my T level is, but if I tell Mrs. Spinfisher that am about to take extra Testoterone, she may move out or lock me out of the house. She says that my T may be too high because I always(morning, day and night) trying to get some....:wink
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    Hormone replacement is scary to anyone but there are more natural ways to boost testosterone levels now. Take Ageless Male for instance that is a supplement which contains an extract from fenugreek called Testofen and other things that help energy levels too.
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    what kinda money are we talking to get tested?

    Probably the U.S. Dollar.. Unless he lives in England where it would be a Pound.
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    I have been using shots for a year now. I can definitely tell the difference when it is past 45 days.
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