Trim Problems

Posting this in the freshwater section in hopes some of you have had bass boats with similar problems..

This weekend I was running across the lake with my engine fully trimmed up when suddenly I noticed the boat trimming down and starting to plow. I immediately tried trimming it back up however the boat wasn’t lifting at all. I shut down and heard that noise the engine makes when it is trimming. It was stuck in a downward trim and the only way it would stop is if I trimmed it up. When I trim it up the engine goes nowhere but just stops trimming down (hope im not losing you). I have three spots on my boat where I can control the trim as pictured. My question to some of you who may be more knowledgeable about this is ..
1. Is this a short?
2. Are all the spots on the boat that control the trim connected to the same wire?
3. What else besides a short could it be?
4. Is it going to be expensive to fix?


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