Late Report from 10/21. 1st time out in my new yak

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My buddy and I bought our 1st yaks and tested them out last Sunday in the NMZ. Had a little bit of a late start, put in at 7:20am at Kars Park. Hardly any wind, bright and sunny. Hugged the west side of the coast and paddled North. Saw a ton of mullet the entire day getting crushed by fish. Hooked up with some very small trout, that were not even picture worthy. We were throwing DOA cals. I was using some topwater plugs and lures as well but no bites whatsoever. Had to give up on the topwater anyway because of all the weeds. I was also lucky enough to hook up with a big a$$ sting ray. Put up one hell of a fight.

*Also the water clarity wasn't awful to start the day, then after the wind starting blowing it turned to a muddy brown with NO visibility.

We kept working our way North, we got to an area that was very grassy and I could see a couple tails. I tried working some DOA shrimp and CAL but no strikes, even when I was able to keep the grass off my hook. (forgot weedless hooks).

What do you guys use in these shallow 1-2 foot water covered in grass? And whats your favorite weedless hook?

After giving up on this area because of the weeds, we kept heading North, saw some people catching ladyfish and trout in the deeper waters. Since this was our first time out there, we wanted to explore a little. Tried to make the trek across to the east side of the coast. Half way there the wind picks up and starts blowing directly in our face. We stopped at one of the islands to take a break and then retreated. On the way back we would stop and cast but didn't get any hits at all.

Overall a little disappointed, probably paddled 8-10 miles throughout the day. Downloaded the Navionics app for my droid and I actually really like it. $10 vs. $200 for a handheld is good for me any day.

Next time I think I'm going to post and ask someone on here to come with us and to show us the ropes. If you'd be interested send me a PM. We are both 21 and just want to learn as much as we can and catch as many fish as possible. Our fishing availability is usually only Sat/Suns and depends on how many tests we have the next week.

Got home by 1:30pm. Not a bad day out in the sun. Got attacked by "No-See-Ums" though, even though I was wearing longs sleeves/pants.


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