Sell me your Remington 870 barrel

I'm looking for a riffled barrel. Let me know what you have.


  • ComandanteComandante Posts: 273 Deckhand
    I have three to choose from:
    #1 Hastings Paradox 12ga. slug, 3" chamber, Iron Sights.
    #2 Hastings Paradox 12ga. slug, 3" chamber, Cantilever Barrel for Scope.
    #3 Hastings Paradox 50 cal. black powder, Iron Sights. 209 Primer Ignition.
    All are "used" and all have experience taking multiple Whitetail Bucks out to 100 yds. These barrels will shoot 100 yard groups using sabot slugs, equal to, or better than many off the shelf deer rifles. These barrels are all in pristine condition. I used these barrels on two 3" magnum framed 870 Remingtons when we lived in a shotgun-only deer hunting area.
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