Yellow Jackets (sorry reck) not those



  • fins4mefins4me Posts: 14,328 AG
    If I did and it helps,,, I should be fine.. Wife found 4 more stings I had missed on the back of my neck.. That made 31 for a final count.
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  • Ramblin' ReckRamblin' Reck Posts: 2,701 Officer
    One thing most don't realize, is that the mean little bastiges are meat eaters, so they can bite and sting all at the same time. Like Fins, I had a bite on an eyelid one time, which swelled shut immediately, and I feared of loosing my whole eye, which I had heard of before. I went straight to the doctor's office, and he gave me some kind of shot. Helped, but I was in some kind of pain. Didn't sleep at all that night. Took several days to get over it.

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