Boynton Tuna video

So I have been trying to increase the quality of my videos. This tuna was one of the four I caught 3 weeks ago. Hope you all enjoy.


  • NELBAGNELBAG Posts: 251 Officer
    Just personal a opinon on vids, not many people want to watch someone just reeling in a fish for a min or more. Get to the goods. :grin. Try to keep vids to 2-3mins. Again just some constructive criticism. Nice work on the tuna. I like the slow mo.
  • blazing_reelsblazing_reels Posts: 589 Officer
    Hey with not having much editing experience any hints help. I'm not one to get angry/pissed at someone giving me ideas. Thanks Brian!
  • r00kieAnglerr00kieAngler Posts: 258 Deckhand
    Yeah Chad I want to be the next you tube sensation lol
  • 1OzLead1OzLead Posts: 352 Officer
    Nice video. The soundtrack and the reduced frame rate were in sync.
  • DevodudDevodud Posts: 355 Deckhand
    A swing and a miss!!

    Way to go slaying the tuna down in Boynton! Keep it up.
    "If you're gunna be stupid, you gotta be tough"
  • blazing_reelsblazing_reels Posts: 589 Officer
    Yea I did that to a special friend of mine. (you know who you are) Ended up gaffing his kayak! woops :grin
  • YaksquatchYaksquatch Posts: 499 Officer
    I was worried when you missed that first gaff shot but you redeemed yourself! Perfect shot through the gill plate, he's not coming off of that!!!

    Nice job man!
  • HookedHooked Posts: 391 Officer
    Yea I did that to a special friend of mine.Ended up gaffing his kayak

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