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Caught this on a small inline spinner. Caught 3 of them and saw some much bigger ones cruising around. They look white in the water


  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,673 Moderator
    "You'll get your weather"
    snook/tarpon bait

    or ya could just toss it in a fryin pan.
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  • mandaferretmandaferret Posts: 932 Officer
    Blue tilapia. Net them, gig them, bowfish them, or get them eating bread and then use that. In some lakes where there is not much algae they will hit lures, but usually only the smaller ones. I've caught them to around 8 lbs.
  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 967 Officer
    snook/tarpon bait

    or ya could just toss it in a fryin pan.

    Depending on your location and approach to using as bait, that might not be legal -- in many cases live possession of exotics is restricted. No problem using them as dead/frozen bait.
  • flaswimbaiterflaswimbaiter Posts: 123 Officer
    True, you can not transport any live exotic species in Florida.
  • PeacockFeverPeacockFever Posts: 227 Officer
    saw a huge one in a canal in sunshine ranches, ignored the crappie jig I kept tossing in his direction yet chased down tiny minnows =/ they look albino in the water.
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