Price of Coffee!!! Dunkin Donuts = JUNK!!!!



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    pupraiser wrote: »
    What happened?? Is there some sort of coffee bean shortage?

    Every few weeks I buy 4 - 1# bags of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I do that because if you buy 4 bags they give you a pretty good discount. 4 bags is normally $20. Well, today I go in and they are now charging $26 for 4 bags!!! :Angry

    Is China starting to drink coffee or something?
    Cheapest I have ever seen it is 4 # for $24 ( 5.99 each) usually during the holidays.

    normally they are $7.99 each so the 4 #'s for $26 is the best deal you will see in our area until the holidays when it goes to the $5.99 price (if you buy 4)
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    Don't forget, Dunkin just went public. Now it's the bottom line for the shareholders.
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    td. wrote: »
    Starting a thread over 6 bucks a month...:thumbsup

    NO, it's not the money.. it's the COFFEE....

    Pup is like getting the answer 42. He doesn't even know his question.
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    Do you dry out and reuse paper towels?

    Of course not...paper towels ! I might as well flush my money. I dry my hands with dryer lint I collect from the laundromat.
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    Pretty soon we're going to read where some caffeine-crazed, jittery dude in a tank top pulls a gun on the Publix clerk for a cart full of Colombian drip grind. Gots ta have it!
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    42oz bag of 8 o'clock @ Sams $14 and some change.
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    That is still way cheap. Most of the fancy stuff that goes into the grinder here is $9.99 to $14.99 per "lb." Although, that pound has gone down to 14oz in some cases. Still worth it.
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    td. wrote: »
    Starting a thread over 6 bucks a month...:thumbsup

    If you think about the inputs.....

    My pee must be worth about $5 a gallon easily
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    Here's the next step: Roast your coffee at home.

    Basically you order your beans "green" from wherever you want in the world, roast them in the old fashioned air-poppers (I bought two at some Salvation Army sort of store a few years ago for a total of $3. They both still work perfectly).

    You roast them outside, because it gets kind of messy, but the coffee is amazing. Sweet, clean - there is no other way to get truly fresh coffee. A roasting will be fresh for almost a week. But twice a week roasting is best. An excuse to hang in the garage and drink a beer.

    Once you've roasted a few different beans and blended your own concoction, you are ready for the ultimate cup of coffee:

    For what it's worth, the price of coffee at uroastem has gone up about 20% over the past 3 years.
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    1lb. $27.50 plus shipping


    1 lb. $5.95
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    Pup start sipping tea...
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    I just got a lb a Blue Mountain that cost me $2,500...
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  • got ants?got ants? Posts: 9,140 Officer Jamaican dollars. :grin
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