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Ft Pierce Offshore 7-31-11 phin slayin on the flats boat!

It never fails after a bit of windy weather the fishing usually picks up. With that in mind I headed out this morning optimistic that something would be around. After arriving extra early to get several netfuls of small greenies for chummers I also netted some mullet cause I was'nt sure what the bait situation was like outside... with those tasks complete I headed out of the inlet as it was just light enough to see. Stopped at 10A and there was plenty of bait so i picked up some dines and greenies, then promptly headed east. Got to 60ish ft and found a pretty nice weedline so out go the baits, quickly picked up a short phin and a few bonita.. my daughter got one of them to the boat and a phin followed, which was quickly boated and boxed. Trolled thru the area for another 15-20 minutes without a bite and the seas were laying down even more so east we went,ended up in 180' and never found the weeds I was looking for, a few scattered from 85-100' but definately nothing better than I left in 60'. Seemed kinda dead out deep and no one else seemed to be doing anything either. Started working our way back in and stopped briefly in various depths without even a knockdown. Now I'm thinkin I screwed up and left fish to find fish and figured the weeds in 60' would be gone but I headed that way to see. It was still there and no sooner I got baits out and threw out some chummers phins surrounded the boat!! Ended up with 9 for the day.. one was short and gave one to a friend so I brought 7 home. Great day and the first time I had my daughter with me and catch dolphin... she was in awe watching them slam the baits when she pitched them out!!
"FISHUNTR"- 2012 20' Pathfinder, Yamaha F150, HDS gen 3 9T


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