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Marathon bait help

I'm planning my annual family trip to marathon and usually I just trap pins and crabs but I really want to get some white bait this time. I will be staying on the ocean side off of 79th street and if anyone could help me out with their techniques down there. I live in tampa so I use chum and get them around towers and pilings in the bay. I also want to get some mullet for tarpon. I hear a tarpon bite on mullet is the best down there. I'm heading down in June but I wanted to get a head start on some local help. Thanks guys


  • 91tiger91tiger Posts: 555 Officer
    Mullet are typically not as plentiful in June as they are in May (unless you head over towards Flamingo). They also don't live in the livewell nearly as well once the water gets hotter. They get red nosed very fast. Crabs are much easier and work as well or better in June.

    To put it in perspective, Ritchie that sells mullet down there and supplies a lot of the guides quits messing with them by about the first week of June. Demand isn't as strong, he has a harder time catching them and they don't live very well riding around in his big tank even with pure oxygen.
  • stainlessdeathstainlessdeath Posts: 6 Greenhorn
    I catch mullet year round in marathon, and yes, mullet is the best bait hands down (except during a worm hatch) mullet are in most every canal, and can also be found by searching for muds.
    as far as catching whitebait.... i have only had luck chumming before sunrise, using frozen chum. have never tried using tropical fish food. i catch pilchards on the daily year- round. cruise oceanside flats and look for pelicans diving.
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