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Lower Keys Offshore 2-24-13

It was absolutely gorgeous on the water yesterday and had to take advantage of that and head offshore. Decided to do some deep dropping because it's been a while since it's been this calm. Ran out to about 500ft. and first drop hit a 20lb snowy. That's it for deep dropping as to avoid catching another one. We didn't see to much pelagic life aside from a pack of sunfish and some very boat shy tunas. Headed back in to about 70ft. of water and did some reef fishing and found a lot of action very quickly. We had a ball of spadefish behind the boat in short order, as well as tunnies, ceros, kings, and yellowtail. Life was very abundant and active. It was neat just to sit and watch the carnage as a big shark would come through all fired up and start chasing fish down. We did catch and release on everything except for one nicer king around 35lbs that my buddy wanted to try to smoke. Can't complain about flat calm and sunny in February. Tight Lines.


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