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WTB Small Pull-Behind Camper

I am looking for a small "canned ham" type camper that is less than 16 ft. long (the smaller the better).

Old campers, hunters campers, or "project" campers encouraged to apply - something that needs some work would be considered. I'm not interested in anything with roof damage, frame damage or rust-thru, major body damage or water damage. All windows and doors need to be intact and attached. The frame & body don't have to be pretty, but they do have to be solid.

The camper needs to be in such condition that it can be towed. Camper needs to tow without swaying. Bearings and axle need to be in good shape - the tires need to hold air. Campers without plumbing, electric or air conditioning are also okay. Bodies made of wood, aluminum or fiberglass are all fine. I'm not interested in pop-up campers, sorry.

Send a description, the location of the camper and any questions. Clear title and/or good bill of sale required. Not interested in trading. This will be a cash sale.
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