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WTT 22 ammo for 300 win mag ammo

Want to trade some quantity 22 ammo for 300 win mag ammo. Let me know what you have.


  • WaboWabo Posts: 23 Greenhorn
  • 4WARD4WARD Cross Creek,FLPosts: 2,401 Captain
    I have 1 full box and 1 box of 14 in Rem 150 gr Core lokt.
    Also 1 full box of Winchester 150 gr power points. Been in the ammo closet since I don't know when.
    I bought these to play with different rounds and all I shoot is Hornady now.
    Since my boys picked the worlds best time to all but wipe out my .22 supply, I would be happy to make a trade.
    Prefer 36 gr HP if you have them.
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    For they always bring me tears
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