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.223 and 9mm ammo for sale...

I am selling this for a good buddy of mine, you are welcome to email or call him for more info, his name is John.

[email protected]


The 9mm is Blazer Brass 115gr, FMJ (50 rounds per box). They are factory new, never opened. Need $22 per box. I have 1000 rounds (20 boxes) available.

The .223 is American Eagle 55gr, FMJ. New, never opened. Need to get $16 per box (20 rds in a box). I have 20 boxes, so 400 rounds total.

It's all brass shells, reloadable, etc. Only stored in air-controlled environments.

I accept Paypal or cash, and I'd prefer to be contacted by email or text. If they're local, I'd be willing to meet face to face.


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