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Sell Your Boat in Islamorada

Hey there, boat sellers! I know many of you would prefer to sell your boat independently and without getting brokers involved...BUT, if you're tired of fielding phone calls, answering emails, dealing with tire kickers.....I can help. I have a consignment lot in Islamorada on US1 SMACK in the middle of town at mile marker 82. I offer a really competitive commission percentage to FS members. Islamorada is crawling with boat buyers, particularly our friends from the Great White North who have a strong dollar right now. Quality boats don't stay on my lot longer than a week or two. If I can help, please give me a call at 305-664-0064. My website is http://www.islamoradaboats.com. If you need any other help selling your boat independently, I am happy to offer assistance with blue book values, etc. I am a forum member first, business owner second! More than thrilled to help out a fellow forum member. :beer


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