Scored a couple this morning, 1st in quite a while, on clams. Guy next to me caught a bonefish , all in the surf, St. Lucie county


  • ontheedge5658ontheedge5658 Posts: 2,665 Captain
    Wow Bonefish in the surf this time of year. That fish must have been lost. The water done there is about 70 degrees.Nice job on the Pomps. Send them back up this way.
  • fishboyfishboy Posts: 1,326 Officer
    Thanks for the report! Yeah, we didn't get many this year in east central Florida...
  • dannosdoormatsdannosdoormats Posts: 181 Deckhand
    Thought I forgot how to fish, all I,ve caught in the last month have been Whiting, water has been too warm for the last month70-72 constant. Hopefully this incoming front will bring improvement, I fish 4 or 5 diff beaches & no- one has been catching. Very dissapointing season ,so far.
  • jonhuynhjonhuynh Posts: 86 Greenhorn
    Yes this year is bad for pompano fishing .This morning am drive from fort pierce inlet to jensen beach stop almost every spot some they got one some don't . Last time ( on sunday super bowl day ) i got 20 pompanos and guy next to me got 50 but next day when i got back water wind almost same . a lot fishermen out there more than 40 plus commercial guy but nothing :( :huh
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