5 Pound Bass!

The day started out beautiful so my aunt and I decided to hit the water. Once we put the boat in the wind picked up immediately and became very cloudy. To get out of the wind I went down one of the canals in the pond we were fishing and it ends in a big bowl type area. I was flipping up to the bank under some tree limbs that were hanging down, two twitches out of the rod and BAM! There she was! A couple of dinks were caught after her and we did get rained on but I would have to say it was a successful day!


  • Austins26Austins26 Posts: 1,989 Captain
    tight wurk fishing in the rain can be a great The fish don't mind "they're Already Wet"
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  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,704 Moderator
    Pretty girls and big 'ol bass. Don't much better than that.

    That fish looks ready to spawn. Good job.
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  • Bass2bucksBass2bucks Posts: 654 Officer
    Awesome fish Sydney!
  • syd7792syd7792 Posts: 58 Deckhand
    Iv had very successful days fishing in the rain during the summer. Right now its just a bit chilly lol
  • syd7792syd7792 Posts: 58 Deckhand
    Well Thank you! Yes I was thinking the same thing so I made sure to release her back right where I hooked on to her.
  • syd7792syd7792 Posts: 58 Deckhand
    Thank you Ricky!
  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 19,481 AG
    That's a pretty Bass...not as pretty as you...but nice for a fish....:wink
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  • syd7792syd7792 Posts: 58 Deckhand
    Thank you for the compliment lol
  • former bluefishinnyformer bluefishinny Posts: 1,478 Officer
    Nice going!!!! I see you and I are on them!
  • johnDjohnD WC FLPosts: 6,391 Admiral
    Nice feesh !!
  • syd7792syd7792 Posts: 58 Deckhand
    Yes we are!
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