Superbowl Superbass Sunday! PIG

Found a new lake... A bag of watermelon seed flukes in pocket, extra EWG weighted hook...... Bam!
I did not weight... Definately over 8lbs!


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    Yeah man !!!!
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,704 Moderator
    I'll take that action all day long! Good fish.
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  • Big Time Fish!
  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 967 Officer
    TrophyCatch?? Free gear and a chance to win a boat/motor/trailer...
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    Straight Up Hog !! Bet you couldn't believe your eye's :grin
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    Thanks guys! Yeah, John.... A couple was walking by... About 20 yards down there was a big bass dead on bank, picked apart by vultures and decayed.... They said "look at the size of that dead fish"... A split second later.. I feel... "thump thump".. Set hook, and she leaps... I yelled "this one is bigger and alive" lol. They snapped this pic for me! I took off my running shoes to get in water to revive... My size 9.5 shoe could have easily fit down her mouth!
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    tight wurk
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    It takes a big man to admit he wears a 9.5 shoe.

    Great fishes. I'm gonna have to change up my tactics. Thanks for the hot tip.
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    Nice catch!
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