Great Morning Bite Estero Bay 1\30\13

Went out Wensday morning with fellow member Dave O knowing the forecast was horrible , but we needed to wet some lines . The plan was to fish the morning out going tide while the winds were lite and find some clean water . Well that was actually very easy , the winds were some what light at 6:45 am and we spent no time taking advatage of it . We ran to our first spot , which remained our only spot tucked in close to the mangroves , the tide was heading out and we had great water clarity . We set up facing the current and the wind on our back and started pulling in Trout and Jacks one after the other , the Trout were feeding , eating every color plastic we thru at em , the Trout were between 15 to 18 inchers and fat .The tide started to slow and the Reds started comming out , small ones at first in the 20 inch range and then this 26 incher which inhaled my bait on my 6 lb , what a fighter

After she came abord around 9:30 , the wind really picked up , at least 25 mph is what we were guesing , the tide turned and so did the water , straight to mud . We fished for about another hour and called it quits after I lost a sweet Snook to complete my slam rite at the boat , oh well 6 lb test , that is why it is called fishing and you need a good excuse to go out there again . On the way back to the ramp we were greated to 2 to 3 footers in the bay , with straight SW 25 mph winds in our face , with a couple of 4 footers that came over the rails of my 21 foot skiff , made it back safely and said a big **** with the weather , but still had a great time.
Notes , the Red Tide is all over the front of the bay , with dead mullet and catfish all over the passes and beaches , we noitced no other species dead nor signs that anything else is being affected , and they are defintly feeding in the back .
Hope Ya All are having the same luck out there , keep the lines tight ,


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