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Anyone need an extra person for fishing?

machofleamachoflea Posts: 83 Deckhand
Hey guys,

I've been lurking in this forum and am greatly thankful for such great information and kindness everyone has shown me. I'm a west coast transplant used to more of the long range/multi day/full-3/4 day tuna, yellowtail,wsb, etc fishing out of H&M, Point Loma, etc. After moving to GA, I was incredibly surprised to see the amazing pier fishery out here! Wow, who would've thought you could get pelagics off a pier?? But soon after, I went offshore on the Capt Anderson out of Panama City Beach, and now I'm hooked. To make things worse, I tried Vertical Jigging, got hooked, jig every trip and now, I'm screwed. I need a tackle clinic, lol, it's outta control. But now with all this nice gear and the need to fish offshore, I wanted to branch out of the party boat arena and single charters as they get either limited or really expensive. I don't mind spending the money, but I would be honored to learn from some of the best here if possible and would like to see if you guys know of any boat pool people or anyone interested in taking on another angler out of PCB or anywhere near.

I'd be happy to pay my share and more for everything and anything. I have an extensive arsenal of gear I would be more than happy to share and would just like to learn the ropes out here more. I've been fishing for a long time, but this is a whole new arena and everyone on this forum has been incredibly generous with their help. I'm very respectful and easy going. Willing to chip in more than my fair share if there are times anyone is in the fence on going out, lol.

Thanks for the time in looking and any advice on where to go and/or who would be interested is super appreciated!

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