What motor to reposed with?

I have a 21' boat that has a 115 4 stroke and just doesn't have enough top end or hole shot. Ian thinking of repowering with a 200 Evinrude E-Tec. Does anyone have any advice or opinion on the E-tec?uploadfromtaptalk1359600835674.jpg


  • Chaos210Chaos210 Posts: 77 Greenhorn
    Repower not reposed, auto correct.
  • Joey ButtonsJoey Buttons Posts: 11,849 AG
    Yes. Buy a Yahmaha.
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  • Flat_TopFlat_Top Posts: 298 Deckhand
    Check what the boat is rated for and then buy a Yamaha 4 stroke.
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  • jbsrqjbsrq Posts: 216 Deckhand
    Don't go with the e-Tec
  • acarbacarb Posts: 2,357 Captain
    My Suzuki 140 hp 4 stroke blew up(no fault of its own) and we had to repower. I went with a 150 Yamaha 2 stroke. That lil motor picked up 10 mph at cruise and 12 top end. I still get over 2.5 mpg at cruise after factoring in the oil.I did this may 2010 and havent had any real isuues. 2004 SEA PRO 206
  • CaptainBlyCaptainBly Posts: 2,106 Captain
    Etecs are rated pretty darn good. I have a yamaha 4 stroke and LOVE IT and would highly recommend them. Can't imagine going back to a 2 stroke at this point. You are comparing apples and oranges though when you currently have 115 HP and contemplating going to 200... You might have some weight issues with the 4 stroke so you have to check what that hull is rated for power and weight wise but I would lean towards 4 stroke either way. Good luck.
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  • c-cable01c-cable01 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    I have the same size boat and have a yamaha 200 hp 2 cycle and love it. it does 45 top end and crusies at 30 at 3700 rpm. with good fuel economy. etecs are over rateted and have some problems. my neibor has a 200 hundred 2010 etec that blew up and no help from the factory. from what i have reserched yamaha is the only way to go.
  • c-cable01c-cable01 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    just for your info my boat gets up on plane and reaches flat speed in about 3 seconds. it jumps up and goes flat and we are on the way. yamaha is the best. my opinion after owning yamaha products for over 45 years.
  • Chaos210Chaos210 Posts: 77 Greenhorn
    I appreciate everyone's advice. The latest comment is reassuring to help predict my future performance. And I have always had Yamaha myself just thinking of change, but that could be like other hope and change results.
  • perlman1234perlman1234 Posts: 1,449 Officer
    Yamaha is the only way to go. I have the same size boat with a 150 and cruise at 28-30 top end is close to 40.
  • blewitupsirblewitupsir Posts: 774 Officer
    Sukuki 175, I love mine and pushes my 24 very very well with great low end torque. Come take a ride sometime.
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  • BinderBinder Posts: 3,875 Captain
    Go with a Yamaha. They're rock solid.
  • voltmanvoltman Posts: 131 Deckhand
    put the largest motor allowed by your manufacture. mercury but thats all i know,and gas usage....i have a 250 on a 20 foot boat and can circle pine island at about 25mph and only use 12 gallons of gas.at 60-70mph 38 gallons .
  • HogTideHogTide Posts: 177 Officer
    Agree with largest it is rated for. Also agree with either a 150 or 175 Zuki. These are super torquey motors with great efficiency. The holeshot/midrange will out perform the yami all day.
    I currently have both yamis and a zuke...whish I had ALL zukis.
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