Palm Beach boat ramp reccomendations

I'm taking my 26' center console to Old Bahama Bay next week and need suggestions as to a good boat ramp where I can launch and park my truck and trailer for a few days. I'm not familiar with the area as I usually launch in Stuart and fish around Grand Key.
Thanks in advance for your assistance



  • isla21isla21 Posts: 2,115 Officer
    Phil foster. Located close to the inlet with plenty of police presence around the clock
  • HogTideHogTide Posts: 177 Officer
    Lake park marina...only place I know of that allows overnight/multi day parking...usually $10 a day.
    Roughly 5 or 6 blocks north of blue heron blvd east of us1.
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  • Bacon for baitBacon for bait Posts: 593 Officer
    Lake Park, if you want it there when you get back.
  • snook87snook87 Posts: 1,707 Captain
    Phil foster is a 24hr only parking and they do enforce it but don't let the Sheriff's presence think your ride and trailer is safe. Almost every weekend I hear about problems from trailers stolen, windows smashed, or stolen tires. Everyone I know that goes to the Bahamas parks at the Lake Park Marina and there is cameras and is a very secure place, haven't heard of any problems yet.
  • testerman28testerman28 Posts: 1,329 Officer
    we fished Jupiter inlet last week with friends and I ran up there in our 2002 Toyota solar convertible.. the top is brand new about 2 weeks before.. i had laid the seat back and loaded the tackle in for the drive from ft lauderdale there and had mistakenly grabbed my light kites instead of our holy heavy kites so I had left the kite and kite rod in the car.. we get back and all the rubber seal is ripped up and the window was pushed in past the seals.. I would love to put a 3x treble hook in their a## and hands and turn loose a rabid pit bull.. we were at the Burt Renyolds park right in front of the chamber of commerce building.. sucks when thieves strike.. they did not get the kites or the rod hope someone chased them off..
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