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dead lakes fishing

I'd like to know when dead lakes fishing starts getting good. What can be caught around the middle of Feb?


  • ducknfishducknfish Posts: 3,821 Officer
    I don't know of any forum members that frequent that area. If they do hopefully they'll chime in.
    I pass through there quite a bit and should be throuhh there before mid Feb. if no one here has replied I'll try to remember to stop & ask at the local bait shop.
  • ~~Mutt~~~~Mutt~~ Posts: 478 Deckhand
    Been a while since we been to Dead Lakes.. We always started to catch Bass right about the first week of Feb. Seems that they are on the move then.. Specks would hit around the center of some channels.. Need to get back up there before the bugs get thick
  • Old DogOld Dog Posts: 552 Officer
    Guys I know try to time their trips to Dead Lakes with the willow fly hatches, and use fly rods to draw up some nice bream. I fly fish that area in the spring and summer but mainly fish the BIG RIVER, (the Apalachicola), Florida River, Chipola Cut Off, and the Owl Creek area. There are some nice fish to be had in Dead Lakes and surrounding waters.
  • FV Miss MaryFV Miss Mary Posts: 497 Officer
    My deckhand is quite familiar. Would you like his phone number? He does not do internet much.
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