Peck Lake Macks

Have you guys noticed that its getting uglier out there or is it just me.. Way more aggressive across the board towards recreational guys.


  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    We were out there on Saturday where there was only 1 comml boat on PL probably due to dirty water. He was just catching blue runners. Most of the comml guys were further north (nw of bullshark) on Saturday and we didn't stop there.

    But 2 weekends ago, PL was a parking lot as usual. As we arrived, we found an open spot and was about to drop anchor when this 25ft Parker cc with one guy on it hauls butt over directly at us from 200yards away with his arms open like it was his reserved spot. I told Paul and his wife that we'll just pick a different area further outside and not deal with them. I can understand that these guys are on the job, but that was a little aggressive and uncalled for.

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  • snook87snook87 Posts: 1,707 Captain
    It was a parking lot yesterday. Came in and saw the catches of the commercial double dippers off loading and going back out for more. They looked to be smaller mack's then the usual decent sized ones being caught elsewhere.
  • wpbthwpbth Posts: 443 Officer
    I dont mind when they push me off my spot, we usuallly pull up anchor and start to troll around them.
  • greenie-slayergreenie-slayer Posts: 820 Officer
    I haven't fished those mac school for a few years. Too many boat, and I tend to get mad easy. So now on the off chance I wanna fish for macs I just walk the beach and fishing really is just as good.
  • Machine HeadMachine Head Posts: 2,634 Officer
    That's why I don't go there much anymore one big Circus.
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  • Kill N TimeKill N Time Posts: 467 Deckhand
    I took the family down there about a month ago on a Saturday morning as we do once every year and it was a parking lot. The fish were biting though and everyone worked well with each other with out any fighting or negative incidents. It was actually quite pleasent with people talking to each other between boats and exchanging fishing tips which was nice to see especially since I had the wife and kids with me. There were a few commercial cast net boats in the mix as well and they were doing thier thing in and around the rec guys. It was much better this year for us compared to what we have seen down there over the past few years.
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