Palm Beach late report 1-26 Hoo's home

I've been promising to take a friend of my boys fishing for some time so saturday was the day. The plan was to wahoo fish early then put up the kites and hopefully get Jake his first sail. Jake and his dad Mark did an outstanding job on the boat and it's obvious that they are, like the rest of us completely addicted to fishing.
Just after our first hour mission 1 was accomplished . Jakes first wahoo on the troll hits the deck. We changed gears and put up the kite. It was pretty slow with very little current but we did manage to accomplish mission 2. After a great fight a quick picture we safely release a healthy sail. Next up was a little king on the deep bait.
We had a few decent size fins come up to the boat but they passed up everything we offered them, they disappeared quicker then they arrived! All and all it was a great half day and I hope team choppy gave them some good tips.


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