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Flamingo 01/23 & 01/24

Unfortunately I did not have anything booked for Wednesday (01/23/13) so I decided to borrow my buddies boat and do a little poling around White Water Bay for the day. I have not had a chance to check any of these spots in a while and I was hoping the slight change in the weather would get the fish moving around a bit. I also just got a new small tripod for the camera I wanted to try out, and just for fun I decided to try and use the long rod all day as well. It has been a while since I have thrown the fly rod, and I was reminded of that all day because the fish were there and my skills unfortunately were not. Things started good, on the first shoreline I stopped at I come across two Snook slowly working down the bank towards me. I stop the boat, pick up the rod, and make a half decent cast at them. I thought my cast was a little off but apparently it wasn't because after 3 or 4 strips the second fish inhales the fly and I set the hook. After that I bounced around from shore line to shore line and continued to make bad cast after bad cast at fish for the rest of the day. I ended up eventually hooking and landing two more Reds before I called it a day. I have to give it up to those of you guys that make casting a fly look so easy, after spooking and lineing about eight to nine fish I got so frustrated I was ready to throw the rod and reel in the water. But a couple deep breathes and the thought of getting one more chance at a fish kept me going and the rod out of the water. After all its days like this that keep all of us coming back for more.

Thursday (01/24/13) I went out with a gentlemen that had just bough himself a used Maverick to start fishing flamingo with. He just wanted to get a few pointers on how to fish White Water and learn his way around a little bit as well so he gave me a call and I was more then happy to help him out. We started the day poling around in White Water and saw fish in almost every spot we stopped at. The conditions were perfect, clear water and sunny skies, but the fish were less then cooperative. We made perfect cast after perfect cast at a lot of Red fish only to have them either take off as soon as they saw the bait or just simply refuse it and swim right on by. We finally ended up landing two small fish before making a short run to the coast were I was hoping to find a few fish that would be a little more willing to eat our baits. First spot produced a nice size Snook and a couple of nice Reds. We fished a few more spots before we had to leave and caught another 4 or 5 fish to end the day.

Captain Alex Geneteau
[email protected]
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