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Flamingo 1-19

Went out Saturday for my first trip to Flamingo with Capt Jim Hale, explained to him I had my own boat and wanted to learn the area some. Jim was great and showed me a few things and spoke of many areas in Flamingo that were productive. We caught around 18 nice Reds that kept us busy most of the day. Beautify area and great day, look forward to taking my whaler down and seeing what I can do on my own.



  • UrbanAnglerMiamiUrbanAnglerMiami Posts: 448 Officer
    Pretty cool, I remember my first time to mingo. We caught our slam of 30" snook, 27" red & limited out for 2 anglers on trout, baby tarpon, and almost limited out on mangroves before 11am back in the day. I still get excited on the way in and not so much out by its still a nice ride. Cool to have a buddy show you around.
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