Haulover Canal nighttime 1/23

Have been hearing about the shrimp starting to run so wanted to get out and check it out. It was pretty gosh darn cold so we only stayed from about 6pm-11:30pm. Only saw a few shrimp but we didnt hang out long after the current switched directions. Did net up some silver sides that were attracted to the lights and put those out to see who wanted to play. Not 30 min after putting them out my buddy got a nice hit, he's some what of a novice so I figured it was either a catfish or the bottom knowing him. Then the line started peeling off! Game on. Coached him through the fight, and after about 15min we boated a nice 34" slob of a red. Not bad for his first red. I broke another slob off being too anxious and came un hooked with another. Once it dropped below 45 we started to get pretty cold and headed out. It was a bust for the shrimp(at least during that time frame) but a pretty fun trip. Photo to follow shortly. Thanks for reading. May try to get out there again tomorrow night to play with the reds, and maybe stay long enough to look for some scrimps.
KeyWest 1520 Flats Boat
Indian River Canoe 12' Flatback
Heritage RedFish Kayak 12'


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