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Bonito... Yes, the kind you use for bait.

False Albacore, bonito, little tunny, whatever you call them, theyre good for more than just bait.

Below is a recipe for Bonito Poki.

Ingredients: (per-fish)

- 4-5 small tenderloins, cut away the blood line.
- tosted sesame seeds
- low sodium soy sauce
- 2 tblspn sesame oil
- 4 tbspn butter
- meat rub of choice (preferably something with a bit of spice to it)
- ginger paste.
- lemongrass paste.
- chopped green onion.

- Cut away the blood line from the filets, you should be able to pull about 4 decent loins out of them. Save the skin/blood line for bait.
- Roll the tenderloins in your favorite spice rub, then sprinkle/roll the sesame seeds.
- Turn the skillet on high, add the sesame oil and butter. Once hot, sear each side of the loin for about 35-50 seconds, seriously thats all it takes. These cook fast.
- Remove from grill, and place in the fridge for about 20/30 minutes (makes them easier to cut)
- On a seperate plate, or small bowl, add 1/2 tspn ginger paste, and teh same of the lemongrass paste, pour the soy sauce in say 3/4 inch deep, or fill the bottom of the plate. Stir in the pastes.

Remove from fridge, cut into medalions, dip in the sauce and enjoy!

PS: small bonito < 16in makes for great sashimi, pink meat, great texture, sweet flavor, last pic.


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