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PC AJ's, Cudas and "Endangered" Red Snapper

Took the boat out of canaveral yesterday. Worked a weed line for about half an hour with no luck, so we headed out to the Reef ball reefs and came to the conclusion that the coordinates that are pre-loaded on my Garmin/Proangler FL app are incorrect. So we pushed out to the CPA reef and immediately hooked into some fun AJ's (too bad they're wormy on this coast) a huge cuda and several "mystery fish".

Had a charter guy show up a few minutes later in his twin cat, and watched him pull up a nice Red Snapper and a had a few other hookups.

Annnnd then the wind picked up. Shouldn't have given into the "one more drift" urge. Needless to say it was an hour 25 to get back to port maintaining about 12-14 kts, good times...

Looking forward to flat days again.
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