Mauser Bauer over/under

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Does anyone know anything about Mauser Bauer shotguns? I was just given a Model 73 over/under. I know they were made by Gamba in Italy but internet searches were contradictory on quality and price. Any opinions?


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    I joined this forum just to reply to your post. I know more than most regarding these and I'm drawing a blank on the Mauser 73. Long story, short; Guisseppe Gamba was the father of Guidop and Renato Gamba. Guiseppe passed away sometime around 1959-1960. At that point in time the company became Fratelli Gamba. Later split between other family members who didn't/don't get along. Hence no records, inventory, etc.

    I own a Mauser Bauer 620 Trap and a Mauser 72E Skeet. They can be fickle b!tches but it got personal so I've spent a small fortune keeping them in working order. Here's some of what I think I know. Both models were manufactured by one of the Gamba families and imported by Mauser Bauer for only a couple of years ~ 1972-74. M B already had a license/agreement to import Mausers, hence the name. The M B 620 was sold in Europe as the Gamba Astore 620. It later became a SV-88, then SV-90 Gamba Daytona, all made by made by Renato Gamba. The 71 (two triggers) design died out quickly. The 72 morphed into the Rottweil 72 which is still supported, somewhat by third parties. The majority of these got more rare than collectible due to the lack of support. Prices are stupid expensive. I just spent 500 Euro ($650) on a parts kit for the 620 and everything came as rough machined, unfinished parts which made the smithing charges through the roof.

    Is your firearm's receiver color case hardened, sliver nitrided, other? Is it a Field, Skeet or Trap model? Barrel lengths? The the chokes stamped on the barrels? Many of the european barrels are bored -.005" than the US barrels so the choke dimensions are decreased by that much as well. I'm gonna try and attach a couple of pictures of the 620 and 72. If you can answer some of these questions and reply with a picture or two, I may be able to get some more answers.

    I'm in Orlando and may be in Odessa next weekend for a few hours. If you're near there, I can maybe take a few pics if we don't know anything more by then.
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    just bought a Mauser Bauer 620 - i have had 3 of these and know a bit about them - i am looking for parts like the leaf spring or who repairs them 
    any help is appreciated
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    I know nothing about this piece since my specialty--or at least my strong preference-- is SXS's, and the older the better as in flintlocks or the more modern hammer guns, but I want to complement freemasm on his very intelligent response to this Thread. His knowledge is evident, and I suspect he has traveled extensively in search of his knowledge to reach the point he demonstrates. Hope you stay around, Brother, you can add a lot to this Forum and others here!   
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    Try the Double Gun Forum..............

    Old SXSs!!! Have a FN 16ga sidelock from the late 20s early 30s that we converted into a RIFLED lives in the safe.............
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