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Oh no, some other gimmick I need . . .

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    Ya, this has been in the marketplace for close to a year. I think the Ph.D. whose paper this camera is an outgrowth from created the company and the camera as a "proof of concept." No doubt the Ph.D. got the camera out there to display the idea and how someone will take him out for several million.

    I think everyone agrees it is interesting technology. However, most of the articles I read say the same thing, no one has figured out how to use the light field concept yet, on the consumer side. What I read is the technology is presently most feasible for DoD and Aerial Photography applications.

    Just imagine having an aerial photo of some high relief terrain touching the computer screen anywhere and have that region (of interest) come into super sharp focus. If you have ever played with aerial photos (the ones available to the average consumer, not DoD) they you can appreciate my statement.

    Thanks for the post. I will guess most folks hadn't see the Lytro yet. Actually it isn't that expensive and would make a fun toy to mess around with. For the consumer, I think decent software needs to be available so selective focus can be chosen and printed (that way - with the chosen selective focus.) I don't think that is available yet, or it wasn't the last time I checked, which is actually surprising.

    If someone wants to play with a few images you can do it here. >> https://www.lytro.com/camera

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