Naples Offshore Sept-Dec. Spearfishing Pics/Reports

I will start doing a better job on keeping up with posting trip reports. The spearfishing has been good to me and my crew this year, as this was the first year we have really got into spearfishing. Most of the dives are in the 65-75ft range and some going to 125ft and my most recent trip was in 45ft. My goal for the boat this year was to limit out on hog fish on one of my trips. We accomplished that goal Dec. 15th in 45ft of water. I also shot a lion fish on that trip. Scary that they are that close in. My buddys friends also caught a lion fish just off the beach in front of the Ritz in Naples, couple hundred yards offshore. Well anyway here are some pics from my trips. I will do a better job at posting in the future.

Tight Lines and Shoot Straight!



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