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Last Sundays offshore report out of Cape Canaveral

Hi All:
Finally up and on this system. What a HOOT!.
Left BLUEPOINTS @ 0730. Took a neighbor out for his 1st Mahi.
We went East with a little South in it out to 95 feet. Thru the lines in there.
We had two Cedars out short on the flats.
We had a TEASER BIRD and my 3 TEASER BAIT RIGS on the O/riggers.
The left was a Lemon/Lime and the right was a ZUCC(Orange/Yellow/Chartruse).
Each had a Bally on it. I make these rigs.
The WWF had a TEASER BIRD and a Cedar to start.
Fish on the Port rigger in less than 5 minutes. My neighbor had the rod. His 1st MAHI(10 pounds) in 5 minutes. It went right into the fishbox. YAHOO. I was as excited as he was. After a bunch of pictures we started off again.
Out a 100 feet I had a hit on the Port rigger. DROPPED a nice Mahi about 10 pounds. JUMPED ONCE, thru the hook. MY FAULT. AARRGGHH.
Next another 5 pounder on the Starboard rigger. Don,the neighbor jumped on it. Right into the fishbox. BEAUTIFULL. Are you getting the way this day went? DOUBLE AARRGGHH,,AARRGGHH..!!
Changed out the CEdar colors to ZUCC and Natural.
STRIKE on the PORT RIGGER @ 110 feet. Ron jumps on it. Another 8 pounder in the fishbox. Good for him.
Circled back to 100 feet and STRIKE on the RIGHT RIGGER. I grabbed it. Shook off another small Mahi. GGRRGGRRGGRRRRRRRRRR.
Strike on the Port rigger. Ron grabbed it. Another 8 pounder in the box.MMMMMMM.
Strike on the WWB rod. I grabbed it. Whatever it was took off and circled left and down,down,down. Yahoo, something other than a Mahi. 5 minutes later..............................GONE. WTFCVXHTFDGHXXXXXXXX. Never saw it.
Worked back fro 125 feet and Ron got another. MR.MAHI MAN from now on!
Headed home early. Ran out of Bait.

Moral of this story is ALWAYS bring along a guy who never caught anything bigger than a Black Crappy.
Ron is welcome on EDGES 'N LEDGES anytime. Hell, I got some nice fillets.
Wackm 'N Stackm
Joseph B...aka...Ancient mariner


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